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249 thousand jobs expected thanks to the green economy in Italy

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Report by Symbola and Unioncamere: 13% of all workforce in Italy is working a green job, and this figure is bound to increase.

A possible response to the seemingly endless economic crisis appears to be sustainable economy. It is expected that the green economy will generate 249 thousand jobs in Italy this year, the equivalent of 44% of the demand for non-occasional work. In particular, in the research and development sector the expected rate is as high as 66%. The contribution of green jobs to Italy’s GDP was estimated to be €190.5 billion in 2015, that is 13% of the total gross domestic product. The data was disclosed by GreenItaly 2016, the seventh report by Fondazione Symbola and Unioncamere promoted in collaboration with CONAI and sponsored by the Ministy for the Environment.

The number of citizens working in fields which require environmental skills is estimated to be 2 million 964 thousand, which makes the green economy an extremely relevant sector for the country. This figure equates to 13.2% of the total national employment and is expected to grow even more by December 2016. Since 2010, over 385 thousand Italian enterprises (26.5% of the total) of the industrial and service sectors have been investing (or are about to invest) in green technologies to reduce their environmental impact, save energy and lower their CO2 emissions. Green enterprises represent 33% of the manufacturing sector alone: the green orientation seems to be a strategic drive for Italian enterprises, as it provides a greater competitiveness and an increase in exports, income and employment. In the manufacturing sector, 46% of enterprises investing in green technologies exports its products abroad, against 27.7% of non-green enterprises; 35.1% of green enterprises has experienced a turnover increase in 2015 against 21.8% of non-green ones; 33.1% of green enterprises introduced innovations, against 18.7% of non-green ones.

“These enterprises prove that our place in the global economy is not in low cost-competition and social and environmental dumping – says Ermete Realacci, president of Fondazione Symbola – on the contrary, our call is quality, care for details, attention to the human capital, cohesion, beauty, innovation, and sustainability. By investing in green measures, our enterprises become more sustainable and more competitive, while opening the path that leads to the future. Thanks to green and circular economy, Italy has rediscovered an ancient vocation to recycling and to the efficient use of resources. At the same time, Italy found in sustainable economy a production model that reinforces its identity and traditions while increasing its market strength thanks to innovation, research and technology. The new development of traditional sectors such as constructions received the support of the new financial law, with the “Casa Italia” plan, and bases on energy efficiency, safety, and sustainability. What we have is Italy making Italy: our country is ready to participate in the Marrakeck COP22 conference and tackle the climate challenge by integrating green economy with quality and beauty”.

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