A team of researchers develops a system to recycle LEDs

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The Fraunhofer Project Group devised a method to mechanically separate LEDs through a process of hydraulic comminution.

They are in TV sets, light bulbs, car lighting, and many other luminaires. They are the light emitting diodes, better known as LEDs, a revolution in the market of light. There is still no known system to recycle them. However, a group of researchers of the Fraunhofer Project recently developed a system to mechanically separate LEDs.

Through a process of “electrohydraulic comminution“, the researchers have broken the LED lamps into their constituent parts without destroying the LEDs themselves. The shock waves created by electrical impulses in a water bath have separated the components at specific break points, so that each of them can be recycled individually.

“In principle, this method works not only for lamps, but also for the LEDs of TV sets and car headlights, as well as for other electronic products”, explained the researchers.

Breaking the LED lamps down to their basic components makes it easier to recover the materials that are contained in them. If applied to large quantities, this process allows recycling to be economically convenient both for recycling plants and producers.

The electrohydraulic comminution process is currently being tested and improved, so that it can eventually be applied to all LED based products.

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