Airplanes, recycled glass makes landing safer

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The Runway Safe system uses a silica aggregate foam for emergency braking of landing airplanes.

The Swedish company Runway Safe created “the world’s only green EMAS”, as they call it, that is to say an aircraft arresting system made of recycled glass. An innovative solution which can effectively help the braking of any kind of aircraft in their landing phase.

This system is based on a lightweight silica aggregate foam made of recycled glass and serves to stop airplanes in case they overrun the landing field. The technology is called greenEMAS and has been officially certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration. The first glass foam runway was installed in Chicago in November 2014, and this year 5 more were implemented, including the runway of the Zurich airport.

Aircraft arresting systems provide an alternative for when there is no safety zone at the end of the runway. “Glass foam has been used as insulating material for decades – says Anders Lundmark, Runway Safe’s CEO – now we projected it in the future, creating a product whose unique features help aircraft braking and arresting operations.”

The installation and maintenance costs are “extremely low”, which makes this solution suitable for big as well as small airports.

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