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Ambitious goal for the Netherlands: 100% circular economy by 2050

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Amsterdam is investing €27 million to close the product life cycle. Banks to participate in the enterprise.

The Dutch government will invest €27 million to improve the nation’s waste management, in the attempt to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill while boosting reusing and recycling. The funds also serve to procure innovative machinery for companies to increase the recyclability of their products.

Moreover, the Netherlands will continue to “promote waste materials as a ‘valuable commodity’ in line with the country’s 2050 circular economy plan for a 100% recycling economy”, says Sharon Dijksma, secretary of infrastructure and the environment.

The multi-million Euro investment will kick off at all Dutch elementary schools (over 7 thousand) so as to spark in interest in sustainability in the next generation as well as educators. A further goal is to make waste sorting easier for Dutch citizens and businesses.

Social engagement aside, the so-called “national commodity agreement” will also address the ecodesign, with a particular focus on alternatives for non-recyclable packaging. This includes aluminium-plastics and aluminium-carton packaging.

Dijksma has revealed that she is currently in talks with the three largest banks in the Netherlands in order to get more sustainable initiatives off the ground. The banks have already acknowledged that they are willing to support companies working on circular projects.

Source: Recycling International

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