Batteries and accumulators, Italy up to European standards

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Report of the Coordination Centre: the collection rate in 2015 was 41%, but 45% is required by December 2016.

Italy is (almost) in line with EU targets. This is what emerges from the latest report of the National Coordination Centre for Batteries and Accumulators (CDCNPA), the organization which coordinates the collection of this kind of waste carried out by the Collective and Individual Systems of battery and accumulator manufacturers. This result puts Italy at the fourth place among EU Member States for what concerns the number of batteries put on the market and the collection rate.

From the smallest batteries – button cells and AAA batteries – to bigger accumulators that can weigh up to 5 kg, collection in 2015 increased by 5% compared to the previous year and exceeded 10 million kg of recovered and recycled items in just one year. The collection rate is 41%, not too far from the 45% EU target which has to be achieved by December 2016.

Exhaust portable batteries and accumulators

In 2015 the Collection Systems affiliated with CDCNPA managed 10,105,173 kg of exhaust portable batteries and accumulators, increasing the collection by over 5% compared to 2014.

The collected material came from two main sources: 4,860,732 kg were collected by the Consortium Associations (Collective and Individual Systems) for the subjects registered with CDCNPA, while 5,244,440 kg were gathered through the professional collection services provided by the Consortium Associations to other waste producing subjects (voluntary collection).

Over the last four years, according to the report, the ratio between the collection and the placement on the market of portable batteries and accumulators by CDCNPA Consortium Associations has been constantly increasing: it passed from 27% in 2012 to 41% in 2015.

Collection Centres

At the end of 2015 the collection centres registered in the CDCNPA portal were 4,480 (+28%) all across the national territory. The most common collection centres are shops that sell portable batteries and collection centres managed by municipalities and urban waste management companies. The regions with the most collection centres are in Northern Italy: the first place goes to Lombardy with 1,096 collection centres, followed by Veneto and Piedmont. In Central Italy the best results were achieved by Lazio and Tuscany, while in Southern Italy and in the Islands the highest number of collection structures was recorded in Campania and Puglia.

Collection by Region

The battery collection data shows that Northern Italy regions are the most active in the collection (3.3 million kg). In particular the region with the highest results is Lombardy, while Trentino Alto Adige shows an increase by 28.78%. Moreover, two regions achieved an extraordinary increase of their collection rate: Abruzzo (+110.37%) and Sardinia (+219.92%).

Industrial and Vehicle Accumulators

The CDCNPA Collection Systems also collected 159,866,869 kg of industrial and vehicle accumulators, a slight decrease compared to 2014.


As shown by the data provided by EPBA, the European Portable Battery Association, over 210,000 tons of portable batteries and accumulators are placed on the European market every year. This amount has remained constant over the last years, while the total amount of waste batteries collected and disposed of has increased: from 2010 to 2014 the collection rate has increased from 25% to 40%. Italy is the fourth country for the amount of batteries placed on the market (12% of the EU total) and for their collection (1% of the EU total).

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