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Cash for Trash: an incentive for recycling “made in Italy”

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Eco-compactors that pay you back for the garbage you throw: incentivizing recyclers can be tested at Ecomondo.

They are called “Incentivizing Recyclers” and they sound like the Dire Straits’ “Money for nothing” with their slogan “Cash for Trash”. They were born from the partnership between Eurven, a Venetian company that produces recyclers for different kinds of waste since 2009, and 2Pay, a smartphone app that simplifies the payment process to lower transaction costs. Their goal is to make recycling convenient, not only in terms of sustainability, but also for the pockets of citizens. Their solution is a machine that pays the citizens back for the garbage they throw in it.

“Cash for trash” is a fully Italian alliance that brings together recycling and the currency of the future: its goal is to conciliate the protection of the environment with economic advantages for the citizens. The eco-compactors can be tested hands-on at Ecomondo (Rimini Fiera, 3rd- 6th November 2015), where users are free to try them and obtain up to 1 € on their 2Pay account. Just download the 2Pay app on your smartphone and insert a plastic bottle in the compactor: you will get a coupon with a QR code that you can scan to receive on your smartphone 1 cent per bottle, to be spent in any of the stores participating in the project.

Thanks to the “Cash for Trash” project, citizens who recycle their bottles in Eurven’s dedicated eco-compactors will be gifted 0,01 € per piece by 2Pay. The amount saved up is always updated in real time on the user’s smartphone and can be spent any time in the stores connected with the 2Pay app.

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