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Circular economy applied to wood: 64% recycling

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According to 2015 data by Rilegno, doors and fixtures are used as new raw materials for the furniture industry.

Wood packaging marketed in Italy in 2015 amounts to 2 billion 672 thousand tons. Of these, over 1 million 715 thousand tons were recovered and recycled, the equivalent of 64% of the material on the market. Recycled wood is transformed into chipboard and semi-finished wood products for the furniture industry: the data comes from Rilegno, the Italian consortium in charge of the collection, recovery and recycling of wooden packaging.

The collection system is quite complex and requires substantial funding. Every year the consortium invests about €20 million: €2 million are dedicated to waste sorting, €8 million to the financial support for recycling platforms, and over €10 million to the transportation of the material to recycling plants, which are mostly located in northern Italy.

This way, Rilegno provides a wood waste collection and recovery service for 4,272 Italian municipalities, covering 38.5 millions of inhabitants, 65% of the national population. Such a widespread coverage is made possible by 700 conventions signed with private operators, municipalities, town congregations and environmental managers.

In addition to guaranteeing the recycling of commercial wood waste (pallets, fruit and vegetable crates, industrial boxes and cages), Rilegno also takes care of household wood waste thanks to an agreement with Anci (the National Association of Italian Municipalities).

Rilegno was established by the legislative decree 22/97 and is regulated by the Unified Environmental Bill 152/2006 with subsequent modifications. Its role is to organize and carry out the recycling and recovery of wood packaging and other kinds of wood waste (such as doors, window frames, furniture…) from the urban environment.

For more information, visit the website of Rilegno.

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