Circular economy, Enea presents a plan for Italy

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The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Development launches an action plan in four points.

Institution of a National Agency for the efficient use of resources, following the example of Germany, Japan, and U.S.A.; simplification of waste prevention and recycling norms; creation of synergies between public administration, research institutes, and enterprises; technology transfer for the innovation of the Italian manufacturing system.
These are the points of the action plan by Enea, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Development.
The goal of the plan is to promote the transition to circular economy, a new development model for Italy able to conciliate competitiveness, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

According to the data reported by Enea at the recent conference “Innovation and competitiveness: the Italian way to circular economy”, a new development model based on circular economy could create 500 thousand new jobs in Italy alone, with significant benefits for the environment and the manufacturing system.

What Enea proposes is a real manifesto of circular economy, with an action plan that focuses on the creation of a National Agency for the efficient use of resources. “Given its impartial role, Enea could serve as Agency – explains Enea president Federico Testa – It would ensure the necessary coordination between enterprises and public administration”.

Roberto Morabito, head of the Territorial and Manufacturing System Sustainability department at Enea, adds: “At Enea, we have been working for years on the development and implementation of technological solutions and integrated approaches to optimize the use of resources in enterprises and local businesses. We realized Italy’s first industrial symbiosis platform, and carried out several projects in the same field in three Italian regions. Our mission is to help companies from different sectors exchange resources and by-products: the waste of a production cycle could be a useful resource for another”.

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