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Circular Economy Package: publication of a draft report

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The text is supposed to be a draft for the final version negotiated by the EU Parliament with national governments. All the news.

The EU announced news on the front of the Circular Economy Package. MEP Simona Bonafé presented a draft report that should serve as basis for the final text which will be negotiated between the EU Parliament and national governments.

A brief synthesis of the document:

Waste reduction

• 50% reduction of food waste by 2030, a figure intended as a generic target at EU level.
• 50% reduction of marine litter by 2030
• Reduction of hazardous substances in products through better traceability
• Economic measures against planned obsolescence
• Less waste from the sectors of commerce and services
• Economic measures against single-use products such as disposable tableware
• Reduction of excessive and toxic packaging
• Promotion of container deposit systems to encourage the recycling of containers such as bottles
• More incentives for product repairing
• Better implementation of the ecodesign directive, so as to extend its application also to construction materials, chemicals, textiles and furniture

Waste collection

The draft proposes to introduce obligatory waste sorting for paper, metal, plastic and glass. It also requests a clarification of the legal text of the EU Commission to ensure high-quality recovery of materials such as wood, textiles and biowaste. MEP Bonafé also proposes to forbid landfill dumping for sorted waste, so as to avoid the employment of waste incinerators.

Reusing and Recycling

• Increase of reusing and recycling targets to 70% by 2030, and to 80% in the case of product packaging
• Application of a single method to calculate recycling targets, instead of the current 4 methods
• Composting of at least 65% of biowaste by 2025.

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