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Clothes recycling: Levi’s challenges the USA market

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Discounts for consumers who give the store their old clothes: these will be recycled to obtain new textile fibres.

Use, reuse, recycle. This principle is now valid even for blue jeans. Levi’s has set up a partnership with I-Collect, a Swiss company that works in the field of textile fibre reuse and recycling. The American giant’s ecological project, currently at the experimental stage, will be extended to all stores and outlets in the United States: its concept is to ask customers to leave their used clothes – of any brand – in dedicated boxes located in every Levi’s store, offering them a discount coupon in return. These clothes are then passed on to I-Collect, which processes them and transforms them into fibres used for insulating and padding.

Levi’s company policy aims at reducing the amount of textile waste and creating a support infrastructure for the circular economy by 2020. It is not the first time that the American jeans company engages in this kind of initiatives: in 2013 Levi’s launched a line of products made of 20% recycled material (specifically plastic bottles), followed one year later by the pilot project Wellthread, a line of 100% recyclable cotton garments.

“We admire Levi’s vision, and we are proud to extend our partnership to increase the number of consumers who have access to clothes and footwear produced through recycling processes” declared Jennifer Gilbert, the Chief Marketing Officer of I-Collect for the United States.

“We thought about how to change our customers’ behaviour so that recycling becomes a habit for them – added Michael Kobori, from Levi’s – As leaders in this market, we have the responsibility of considering all the phases of our products’ life cycle, including those that exceed our direct control, such as the management of end-of-life materials.”

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