Cobat Zero Waste, circular economy at the users’ fingertips

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Cobat launches a new kind of warranty that covers the products’ entire life cycle. The first partner is ABB Product Group Solar.

A complete warranty on all products which also includes free collection once the product is old and its owner decides to get rid of it. This is the core of Cobat Zero Waste, the new initiative by Italy’s National Collection and Recycling Consortium, one of the pioneers of circular economy. With this initiative, the Consortium is among the first to apply the new EU norms, with a service that helps producers, consumers, and environment at the same time.

With over 25 years of experience in the sector of technological waste management, Cobat collaborates with manufacturers to help their customers, who often don’t know how to dispose of old devices that are broken or have been replaced by new ones.

Thanks to the Cobat Zero Waste project, consumers can be sure that the products they buy really have zero impact on the environment: through recycling, the products are transformed into new raw materials and reintegrated in the industrial cycle. In addition, consumers enjoy a customized free collection service when they want to dispose of old or broken objects.

The system is simple: consumers who buy a product of a brand participating in the Cobat Zero Waste project will find an additional warranty which can be activated online. Through Cobat’s software, consumers can download their product certificate and request the collection of the product once it’s old, completely free of charge and with no time limits.

“Cobat Zero Waste was born from the need for manufacturers to provide really satisfying services to their customers – says Giancarlo Morandi, Cobat’s president – It’s not just about selling a product, but also about guaranteeing for it during its entire life cycle, even after it stops working. It is a guarantee for the environment, because consumers can be certain that the goods end up in the virtuous cycle of recycling through one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world. And of course it is a guarantee for consumers themselves, who will have the chance to make an environmentally sustainable choice with a simple click”.

In a scenario marked by an increasing attention to sustainable development, ABB – leader in energy and automation technologies – was the first company to become a partner of the Cobat Zero Waste project in order to guarantee its products and services.

“Joining the Cobat Zero Waste project was a choice in line with our commitment to renewable energies and ecosustainability – says Fabrizio Lorito, Marketing Manager DM Division at ABB Italia – We did so to offer higher guarantees to our customers: we allow them to trace the batteries of our accumulating solar inverters throughout their whole life cycle, from the moment of purchase to the moment of disposal”.

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