Constructions, CNA asks EU to promote recycling of materials

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The Confederation that gathers small entrepreneurs in the building sector asks for new incentives for circular economy in constructions.

Giving new life to the practice of recovering construction and demolition rubble, that in Italy often ends up in landfills. This is the core of the document sent by CNA Costruzioni to the European Commission in the frame of ongoing consultations about the Circular Economy Package.

The CNA (National Confederation of Craft Industries and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) drafted a few proposals for Brussels, considering that there is no organic plan available for Italy and that costs constitute a major problem.

The CNA asked for a tax measure granting tax reductions for those who buy recycled materials, and incentives for the design of innovative techniques for selective demolition, which allow to better recover construction materials. Moreover, the Confederation asked for administrative and normative simplifications for what concerns the recovery and reuse of rubble as construction material on site, as well as concrete examples of production and marketing of materials recycled in stable plants (which at need could be managed by consortia or networks of local enterprises).

Next to these measures, the CNA document mentions the possibility to introduce bonuses and incentives for enterprises that use information digitalization systems to provide the user (or owner) of the building with all data required for the management of works during the whole life cycle of the building. In particular, the CNA stresses the benefits of increasing the level of information provided in construction projects by specifying the features and assembly methods of materials through the use of BIM, Building Information Modelling, i.e. the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of an object.

In order to achieve these goals, it is essential to provide operators with complete and correct information about the possible uses of recycled materials. The draft by CNA Costruzioni reaches Brussels at a time when the EU seems increasingly more engaged in developing the recovery of resources through an adequate waste management system (especially concerning recovery and disposal), with the promotion of the usage of recycled materials in constructions. According to the EU Commission, in effect, the majority of special waste produced in Europe every year comes from the construction sector.

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