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Ecomondo 2016, the international meeting point of circular economy

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Rimini, Euromediterranean capital of Green Economy from the 8th to the 11th of November. An exhibit celebrating the revolution of regenerated materials.

Not just any fair, but a real agora of circular economy, a meeting point for Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area. This – and much more – is the heart of the 2016 edition of Ecomondo, which will celebrate its first 20 years of life at Rimini’s Fair from Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th of November. Recycling Point will be the event’s media partner.

Over the last 20 years, Ecomondo has become Italy’s main reference point for those who work with the environment: with the strength of its tradition, the fair has gone international and has turned into a technological platform to share best practices and know-how across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, with events and meetings that will not end with the fair but will continue throughout the year.

Since last year’s edition, Ecomondo has realized over 50 promotional events through a circuit of activities in the main markets of interest for Italian enterprises.

Between the 8th and the 11th of November, Green Economy and Circular Economy operators will have the opportunity to meet, conclude commercial agreements, create value, and find new clients. The fair will showcase the most advanced and sustainable technological solutions for the treatment and regeneration of waste in all its forms; for the management and efficient administration of water, waste waters and polluted marine sites; for a greater efficiency in the use and transformation of primary, secondary and renewable raw materials.

Numerous conferences and workshops will animate the event to update the visitors on the main novelties concerning norms and regulations in the the recycling sector, with a special focus on primary and critical raw material streams, industrial ecodesign, and resource use efficiency. As usual, the fair will also host the Green Economy Estates General, organized in collaboration with the Ministries for the Environment and for Economic Development: the goal of the gathering is to define the evolution state of circular economy in Italy.

Two are the main novelties of the 2016 edition: a special exhibit area dedicated to the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and air quality, and a utility plaza (in cooperation with Utilitalia) to allow technology manufacturing enterprises to network with Italy’s top utilities.


A highlight of the event is the exhibit Ex novo materials in the circular economy, realized in cooperation with Centro Materia Rinnovabile and Edizioni Ambiente. The exhibit shows how the concept of material in the industrial world is undergoing a real revolution: materials that until yesterday were no more than waste are now acquiring new features and delivering new performances, becoming reliable supply streams for the manufacturing world. Industrial biomaterials, for example, have found a constantly evolving source of raw materials in agricultural by-products.

The concept of the exhibit is an ideal itinerary that starts from the machines generating new materials for the industry (through waste transformation), passes by examples of the economic reality thriving on these recovered materials (industrial applications), and shows the new trends expected to shape our future (Experimentation and Innovation Area).

The total area of the fair (about 500 sq m) is divided into three sectors ideally inspired by this itinerary. The three areas are connected to each other and integrate each other with visual and digital installations, like a visionary journey from the present to the future.

The first sector (10 maze-like rooms around the Conai Plaza) is dedicated to the new materials which are already playing an important role in the industrial world. The visitors are shown how these materials come from never before used sources: they are partially what we used to call waste and partially new biomaterials.

The second sector is dedicated to some representative examples of how renewable materials today are able to support consolidated and successful sectors of the manufacturing industry. This is the area of the Industrial Testimonials: enterprises working with material treatment and renovation, such as manufacturers who use recycled materials, service providers who contribute to the recycling chain (from collectors to recyclers), and other works supporting the recycling sector.

The third sector is a space meant to represent what can be done in future, like inventing new material streams and exploring new material sources, without ever using primary raw materials, but renewing materials instead (this is the Experimentation and Innovation Area).

For more information, visit Ecomondo’s website

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