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Electric devices: new rules against hazardous substances

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A decree draft was approved with the participation of the Ministry of Health. Optimization of planning and management of security checks.

News on the front of hazardous substances contained in electric and electronic devices: the Council of Ministers, upon proposal of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Minister of the Environment Gianluca Galletti, gave its definitive approval to a decree draft that modifies the legislative decree March 4th 2014 no. 27, in implementation of the so-called RoHs, the 2011/65/EU directive concerning the use of certain hazardous substances in electric and electronic devices.

The European Directive 2011/65/EU aims to:

  • Clarify the normative frame and simplify its functioning;
  • Improve the control on the application of enforceable dispositions;
  • Guarantee the adaptation to scientific progress, considering that a lack of clarity in dispositions and definitions leads to different definitions of product conformity in different European countries. Moreover, such a lack of clarity possibly causes the duplication of procedures due to different norms adopted by member states, with an unnecessary increase of administrative costs.

In line with these goals, the decree draft increases the role of the Ministry of Health: in compliance with the “REACH” rules, the Ministry already has a control function on the chemicals and hazardous substances put on the market. The new decree draft extends to the Ministry of Health also the control on electric and electronic equipment containing hazardous substances as defined by the RoHs directive. This measure allows to optimize the planning and management of the controls without taking the help of further organizing structures.

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