Calls for tenders

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There are numerous funding sources to support the reorganization and development projects of companies. However, finding the most suitable subsidized financing solutions and presenting projects in a way that will secure funding is often a challenge that many smaller enterprises are unable to take on.

With our service we offer our skills and professionalism to assist companies in identifying and accessing the regional, national and European funding opportunities that best suit their needs. We provide assistance for ordinary activities, such as the purchase of real estate and plants or energy efficiency upgrades, as well as for research and innovation projects..

Info Calls for tenders (FREE OF CHARGE)

Receive updates on all call for tenders that match your selection criteria.

This info service will allow you to always be up to date with the funding opportunities that match the criteria you provided, such as type of activity, type of action and region. For every call for tenders activated in the time frame you selected, you will receive all necessary information together with relevant normative and legislative references.



Discover the most suitable calls for tender to support your company’s initiatives.

With a preliminary screening we will help you understand if the actions that you planned or recently carried out can be subsidized, and through which measures. In case you have a structured action program you wish to submit, we will provide a detailed analysis to guide you through the selection of the subsidized financing solutions and calls for tenders that best suit your company’s goals.



We help you prepare and present your project to apply for funding.

We offer our support to prepare the required documents, finalize the goals of the action plan, find and involve possible partners, correctly define a financial business plan and an activity program. Once you are granted funding, we assist you in the coordination of the activities required by your action plan and in the management of financial and administrative accounting.

A few concrete examples of the consultancy activities we provide:

  • Research, identification and proposal of the funding source that best suits the client’s needs and product typology
  • Identification of possible corporate, scientific or technological partners with whom to present a common proposal, in case the call for tenders requires the constitution of a national/international consortium or temporary association with partner companies from other European countries (or anyway matching the necessary requirements).
  • Assistance in the preparation of the paperwork required for the participation in the calls for tenders, such as the necessary documents to submit the project proposal and the application for funding, possibly including the presentation and management of relationships with other authorities. The goal is to ensure that the application for funding is perfect both at the formal and at the substantial level.
  • Follow-up of the application processing procedure in cases where additional inquiries are required.
  • – Management of the project after funding is granted: management of activities and both external and internal resources; control of the project budget; management of.