Circular economy

Europe, 3 million new jobs in 15 years with the circular economy

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Italy already has 415,000 employees and, according to a study by Wrap, is among the countries which can grow more.

Three million more jobs throughout all of the Old Continent, over 300,000 in Italy. According to the latest report of the British environmental program Wrap, this is the employment potential till 2030 for the member states of the European Union. The Peninsula may be one of the nations that will derive more benefits, with 309,000 employees more than the current 415,000.

The circular economy, explains Wrap, creates economic value through the equation “more work, less resources”. For this reason, the growth in this sector can encourage the creation of new jobs, the downsizing of the structural unemployment and an increase in productivity.

Currently, the circular economy sectors in Europe (reparations, recycling and waste management, rental and leasing activities) employ about 3.4 million people. Of these, 1.2 million repair machinery and equipment, 400,000 repair computers and other goods, 700,000 collect and process waste, 300,000 recover materials and waste, 100,000 sell second-hand items and 600,000 are occupied in rental and leasing activities.

With the current pace of growth, by 2030 there will be 1.2 million new jobs, with a reduction in unemployment of about 250,000 units. But if there will be a further boost with policies that promote the circular economy, work places will be 3,000,000 and there will be 520,000 less unemployed.

The report provides data and forecasts for all EU member states and Italy is among the countries that can act as a leader in the development of the circular economy. As for the collection, treatment and disposal of waste, the Peninsula has the highest employment rate, together with Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic and Romania. To date, 415 000 Italians are working in this field. With the current pace of growth, by 2030 there will be 154,000 new jobs, but if the Old Continent – and Italy, therefore – focuses on new development policies, employees will increase to 309,000 units.

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