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European Week for Waste Reduction, the enrolment is open

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Citizens, institutions and companies can propose actions to prevent or reduce national and local waste.

From Tuesday, September 1st to Saturday, October 31st it’s possible to take part in the seventh edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction, event to be held from the 21st to the 29th of November 2015 with the participation of the European Parliament.

The Week for Waste Reduction was born within the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission. The aim is to make institutions, companies and consumers aware of the strategies and policies of waste prevention outlined by the European Union and those that member countries are called to carry out.

Administrations, non-profit associations and organizations, schools, universities, companies and citizens can propose actions to prevent or reduce national and local waste on the website For more information on how to subscribe, please consult the website

This year’s theme will be the dematerialisation, in other words the reduction or elimination of the use of materials in a developing process, in supplying a service and / or in the replacement of a good with a service. An example is the digitisation of documents and the computerisation of processes and communications (paying bills online or purchasing e-tickets), but also the sharing of the same good amongst different people with the consequential transition from possession to use (like car sharing).

In 2014, the growing success of the initiative led the 27 participating countries to implement about 12,000 interventions, of which 5,643 alone in Italy (European record for the fourth consecutive year).

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