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“Forum Rifiuti”. Italy: circular economy and incinerators

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“Legambiente”: two days dedicated to reuse and recycling. Many good initiatives but need of more government commitment.

Italy may become the leader of circular economy in Europe, but government policies to support the industry of recycling and reuse are needed. This is what emerges from “Forum Rifiuti”, the two-day conference organized on the 6th and 7th of October by “Legambiente”, “Kyoto Club” and “La Nuova Ecologia” at the “Residenza di Ripetta” in Rome.

The theme of the event was prevention, reuse, recycling and circular economy generated from an innovative waste management. Many actors took to the stage to tell how the circular economy, in Italy, is already well-established.

According to Stefano Ciafani, vice president of Legambiente, despite many good practices and successful experiences, Italy can not completely overcome the waste crisis, because, unfortunately, there is no national policy that strongly aims to achieve a circular economy. “Today, this sector is not taken into consideration in government policies, as demonstrated by the recent publication of the draft decree on waste incineration in fulfillment of Article 35 of “Sblocca Italia”. This article foresees 12 new incinerators and should be replaced by a new text to promote circular economy throughout the country. Italy, on the other hand, needs policies and plants for reuse and recycling, as well as a new system of incentives and disincentives that, compared to energy recovery and landfill disposal, make prevention and recycling more convenient”.

Gianluca Galletti, minister of the environment, took part at the conference and, when questioned on government policies that have given way to the construction of new incinerators, replied: “I can not tolerate that we have already paid 40 million euro for waste in Campania and we are paying 120,000 euro everyday. All the regions must guarantee that there is correct management; if they bring me approved projects, able to quickly ensure waste differentiation so that there is no need for incinerators, that’s fine. But they must have a feasible plan: I do not trust promises anymore”.

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