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Friuli Venezia Giulia: €1 million for reusing

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The region will fund municipalities to create Reusing Centres. September is the deadline to submit applications.

A strong investment on circular economy to allow families to save up and to encourage a new sector: this seems to be the new economic and environmental policy of the North-West region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, which announced a funding of €1 million in favour of all municipalities which intend to set up a Reusing Centre. Such centres are considered as a fundamental point of the new Program for Waste Prevention as they provide a strategic service to increase the life span of numerous consumer goods, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

The measure was announced by regional assessor Sara Vito during a conference on circular economy, an economic model based on sustainability where almost nothing is considered as a waste and materials are constantly reused.

Vito explained the strategies of the Regional Program for Waste Prevention, which includes several steps to be carried out with the participation of all stakeholders. She also mentioned the organization of an Interdirectional Working Table to discuss the issue, which clearly has an interdisciplinary nature: the program includes different sections concerning food wastage; biodegradable and paper waste; public water with the diffusion of “Water Kiosks”; sale of unpackaged goods to limit the use of packaging; promotion of a culture against single-use disposable goods (such as washable baby diapers); and finally promotion of Reusing Centres so as to solve the problem of large-sized waste.

The total amount allocated to support municipalities in creating Reusing Centres is €1 million, of which €100,000 have already been granted with the financial law of 2016 and €900,000 will be granted with the mid-term financial law which will soon be approved. This contribution has already been approved last year and the deadline to present applications for support is September 15th 2016.

“Our imperative is the fight against wastage – concluded assessor Vito – and for this we need a shift in our mentality and lifestyle: we need to pass from a linear economy based on single-use goods to a circular economy based on recycling and regeneration”.

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