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Garbage fee: we are virtuous, but we pay more

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According to the calculations of CGIA Mestre, a family of 4 spends 25% more than in 2010, although it produces less garbage.

There’s less waste, but more taxes. This is the Italian paradox according to the “Ufficio Studio della Cgia” of Mestre, which points out that, even though in the past few years the economic burden on families has definitely increased, the production of urban waste has fallen dramatically . If in 2007 all Italian citizens produced almost 557 kg, in 2013 (latest available data) the amount has dropped to just over 491 kg.

Despite this, according to Cgia, between 2010 and 2015 a family with four members living in a house of 120 square metres supported a tax increase on waste management of 25.5% (+75 €). This year the same family will have to pay 368 €. Another family of 3 members, which lives in an apartment of 100 square metres, underwent an increase of 23.5% (+57 €). In 2015 it will have to pay almost 300 €. A family of three who lives in a house of 80 square metres, instead, had to pay 18.2% more (+35 €). In this case, the total amount that it will have to pay in waste tax will be almost 227€.

For economic activities, the situation is even worse. Despite a sharp drop in turnover, restaurants, pizzerias and pubs with an area of 200 square metres underwent an average increase of 47.4% (+1,414 €). However, a fruit and vegetable shop of 70 square metres recorded an increase of 42% (+ 560 €), while a bar of 60 square metres had to pay 35.2% more, representing an increase of 272 €. Less, but equally cutting, the increase suffered by the owners of hair salons (+23.2%), hotels (+17%) and car repair shops (+15.8%).

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