Glass recycling, Italy at the second place in Europe

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Survey by the Association of European Manufacturers of Glass Packaging Containers: the most respectful of the environment are senior citizens.

Silver medal in Europe, after Switzerland and before Austria. This is Italy’s position with respect to glass recycling, according to the Omnibus survey carried out in cooperation with the Respondi Research Institute for Feve, the Association of European Manufacturers of Glass Packaging Containers. Italy recycles 90.8% of its glass, 2% less than Switzerland. Surprisingly, the survey reveals that the most respectful of the environment are not young generations but older generations, which seem to be better informed and more engaged in the recycling of food and beverage packaging.

The survey involved 8 thousand consumers in 11 countries and is a part of Feve’s Friends of Glass campaign. Results show that over 94% of European consumers recycle the packaging they consume at home, and most of them consider glass to be the most easily recyclable kind of packaging. Citizens over 60 years of age recycle all of their packaging (including bottles and glass jars), and in general they do better than citizens aged 18-29. In a few states, like Croatia (23%) and UK (22%), the difference between the two age groups is way higher than in countries like Czech Republic (13%) or Italy (7%).

For what concerns recycling in general, in Italy there is no strong difference between younger and older citizens. The difference becomes more evident with glass recycling in particular: 87.5% of young citizens declare to recycle it, against 97.3% of senior citizens. This gap increases when it comes to information levels: only 44.6% of under-30 declares to know that glass can be recycled an infinite number of times, against 63.8% of over-60.

Read the Feve website for more information

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