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Google says stop to landfills and incinerators

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Zero Waste to Landfills, not more than 10% for waste-to-energy facilities target for Google data centres.

In two recent posts on its official blog, Google confirmed its plans to abandon a linear kind of economy, defined as “unsustainable”, and prevent the waste produced in Google plants from ending up in landfills. The goal is the transition towards a more sustainable system. In other words, no more waste to landfill and not more than 10% of waste to incinerators.

Jim Miller, vice president of global operations at Google, wrote: “Ultimately, this massive shift requires global businesses to lead the way to reduce our dependence on primary materials and fossil fuels. […] Becoming circular is something we hope all companies will commit to, together. It is certainly a challenge to change in the way we make things and use them, but it’s not impossible. And, in the end, it pays—in our own bottom lines, in our broader economy, and in the environment we all share together.”

Google already achieved the zero waste to landfill goal in six of its 14 data centres. The first “zero waste” data centre was the one in Mayes County, U.S.A., followed by centres in Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Taiwan, Singapore.
“Zero waste to landfill – explains the Google post – requires a careful attention to the types of materials you’re generating and a deep understanding of your resource pathways. All these learnings allow us to keep pushing towards zero waste to landfill, but also to start looking upstream to add circular economy practices into our operations. Zero waste to landfill is just the first step”.

Last year the California company started a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the reference foundation when it comes to circular economy, and it joined forces with other giants such as Philips, Renault and Unilever.

Source: Google blog

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