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Green Economy: Italy is an international leader (but nobody knows it)

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The paradoxical findings of the latest report by the Sustainable Development Foundation presented at the Green Economy States General.

Too used to coming last in any kind of international ranking, Italy apparently didn’t realize it has become a European leader in circular economy. This is the paradox emerging from the Green Economy States General, the event organized by the National Council for Green Economy in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Development in the first two days of the Rimini Ecomondo Fair.

The issue was brought up by the report presented by the Sustainable Development Foundation. The report claims that some Italian green economy enterprises are European-level excellence examples that could create new employment and investment possibilities if adequately promoted and developed.

The Foundation identified 8 strategic themes to assess the position of countries with respect to green economy: greenhouse gas emissions; renewable energies; energy efficiency; waste recycling: ecoinnovation; ecological farming and food industry; natural capital; sustainable mobility. 16 indicators were derived from these categories.

Surprisingly, Italy ranks the highest in 4 indicators out of 16, compared to the top four European economies (Germany, UK, France, Spain). These indicators are renewable energy quotas; special waste recycling; CO2 emissions per capita in transports; agri-food products of certified quality.

Italy ranks second in three categories, namely energy efficiency, resource productivity, and biological agriculture. Moreover, it holds 5 third places for greenhouse gas reduction since 1990, urban waste recycling, ecoinnovation, extension of protected natural sites, and railway-road transport ratio in the ground goods transport. In addition to these, Italy ranks fourth in three other categories, and fifth in one further category.

The problem is that not many are aware of Italy’s potential, both in Italy and abroad. “The final normalized results of the analysis of different economies show a discrete performance of Italian green economy, 15th among 80 countries – reads the report – The aspect where Italy ranks really low compared to other European countries is the low opinion about Italian green economy at the international level: Italy ranks 29th in international perception. In particular, Italy is rated as 68th in leadership and climate change, while its actual performance puts it at the 32th place in the world ranking.

“Italy is a fertile environment for the growth of green economy ideas and activities, and I would like to take this opportunity to dispel the feeling according to which Italy is behind in environmental policies – said Edo Ronchi, president of the Foundation – We do have major environmental problems in some fields, but at the same time we have a forefront economy that even anticipates political and legislative decisions with respect to green economy”.

For further information, visit the website of the Sustainable Development Foundation

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