India, Toyota focuses on the recycling of cars with a new plant

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Overpopulation in the subcontinent makes circular economy the only choice. In March, the International Conference in Berlin.

India based Toyota wants to get into the car recycling business. In the densely populated subcontinent – 1.25 billion people – the number of cars is growing really fast, also because of a possible renewal of the current car fleet as a result of more strict environmental standards.

The Japanese giant has the intention to build a plant in India for a “scientific” scrapping of “end of life vehicles” (ELVs). It would be the first of its kind organized by a carmaker in the country and, according to Indian media reports, it could open a trend bringing others to follow suit.

“In Japan, Toyota creates vehicles paying particular attention to their life cycle, so that it’s possible to recycle most of their components – explained Shekad Viswanathan, director of a subsidiary of the automotive group – We can replicate the same model in India, both in terms of production and destruction. Toyota India currently produces 310,000 cars a year in its two plants in Bidadi.

In Japan, Toyota operates a recycling plant for waste generated by production machinery. Tokyo, after all, is a pioneer in this field and has developed a vehicle recycling system respectful of the new law regarding the ELV, introduced in 2010.

Important innovations in this field will be seen at the sixteenth International Congress on Automobile Recycling, organized by the Swiss ICM, from the 16th to the 18th of March in Berlin.

The conference wants to be a meeting point for everyone who takes part in vehicle recycling chains, including the motor industry, waste plastic and metal dealers, recyclers, dismantlers and law makers worldwide.

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