Industry 4.0: conclusive survey submitted to the Chamber of Deputies

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The analysis is focused on new business models such as the circular economy. Major investment plan is expected.

The Italian Chamber of Deputies is currently analysing the conclusive report of the survey Industrial Revolution 4.0 (“La rivoluzione industriale 4.0”) carried out by the Chamber Commission for Manufacturing activities, Commerce and Tourism. The analysis concerns the digitalisation of enterprises with a particular focus on new business models such as the circular economy.

Several sectors are involved, among which universities, research institutes, international consultancy companies, enterprises, syndicates. The goal is to analyse the Italian manufacturing background to fully grasp the challenges posed by the so-called Industry 4.0.

The Italian approach to the new industrial revolution is based on 5 pillars:

  • governance: a direction cabinet at the government level with a flexible structure to coordinate the work of the most diverse actors, from universities to enterprises
  • efficient technologies: quick diffusion of the broadband all over the country and strengthening of Wi-Fi nets, 5G, open data, digital public administration, smart power grids
  • computer skills: short-term training (specific training programs), middle-term training (for corporate directors) and long-term training (school education)
  • research: it is essential to invest in Italian universities and research institutes
  • open innovation: measures in support of low-scale digital development through the adoption of open standards

The basis of the fourth industrial revolution is, of course, the Internet, which allows the exchange of data and the development of new technologies in the most diverse sectors, from agriculture to healthcare. The ultimate aim is the promotion of new business models such as circular economy and sharing economy: a perspective shift which will help the growth of Italian enterprises ready to invest in their innovation with the development of customised tools.

“We need to pass from a culture of consumption to a culture of creation” commented Guglielmo Epifani, the president of the Chamber Commission.

“We are facing a major technological and cultural change and we risk to be left behind. We need to embrace this change to improve our competitiveness and better understand the phenomena around us” added Economic Development minister Carlo Calenda. The government is allegedly planning to include a major investment plan in the next financial law to promote the Industry 4.0, said Calenda, who also announced the presentation of a strategic document on Industry 4.0 in early August.

Download the text of the survey “Industrial revolution 4.0”

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