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Italy, more than 90% of the electronic waste is treated with EU standards

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7 collection and recycling systems constitute the WEEELABEX network, with 24 certified facilities.

In the field of WEEE, Italy aims at certifications. With the new participation of Cobat and ecoR’It, it is now a group of seven collection and treatment Collective Systems that promotes the use of WEEELABEX for the verification of WEEE treatment processes in Italy.

Ecodom, Ecolight, ERP Italia, RAEcycle, Remedia, with Cobat and ecoR’it, together manage more than 90% of all electric and electronic waste produced in Italy. The seven Collective Systems are working to create an excellence network for the treatment of WEEE, with a net of qualified facilities that can completely remove the hazardous substances contained in the waste, while maximizing the recovery of secondary raw materials.

WEEELABEX (which stands for WEEE LABoratory of Excellence) was launched by the WEEE Forum in cooperation with the main stakeholders of the WEEE chain and is funded by the EU within the Life+ project. The aim of WEEELABEX is to define quality standards for the collection, transportation and treatment of the different types of WEEE, as well as a uniform and structured verification method to match the standards of the other EU countries, through qualified and specifically trained auditors.

Over the last few years, the project has been showing extremely positive results: since 2014 the WEEE treatment facilities that operate in Italy have taken on WEELABEX’s challenge in a very constructive way, guaranteeing higher quality standards. To date, WEELABEX-certified treatment facilities in Italy are 24, on a total of 118 in 16 European countries.

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