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Multinational corporations and associations together against food waste

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The International Food Waste Coalition comes to life. The goal is to convince producers and consumers to reduce food waste.

Zero waste operation for the “big guns” of the food industry. After decades devoted to consumption and waste, multinational corporations and environmentalist associations join forces and create the International Food Waste Coalition, a non-profit organisation, self-financed, which gathers giants like Pepsi, McCain, Sodexo, Unilever and WWF. The goal is to reduce waste throughout the supply chain, from producer to consumer, to encourage other businesses to adopt multidisciplinary programs for reducing food waste.

“We live in a world where more than 30% of all food produced is not consumed – highlight promoters – while more than 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Studies show that food waste occurs at every stage of the value chain, from production to consumption (collection, storage, transport, preparation, service, consumption, etc.). However, today there isn’t a law in Europe which coordinates the transfer of responsibility from the donor to who receives food donations”.

The International Food Waste Coalition is starting a pilot project in the schools of different European countries. “Italy is among the first countries – explains Edward Venturini, Director of External Relations Sodexo – to be an active part of IFWC with an experiment that, in this first phase, will involve some schools, where Sodexo provides food services. We want to understand in which phases occur more waste and increase children and teachers’ awareness on this issue. Educating children to pay more attention to waste can create a virtuous circle also in the future”.

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