OECD environmental outlook: the world is progressing towards green growth

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Many countries are adopting sustainable policies, says the environmental organisation. But the Green Economy Coalition believes this report is not enough.

Significant progress towards the green growth triad: productivity, inclusivity and greening, that is a process aimed at making spaces, products and lifestyles more eco-friendly. This was the core of the latest environmental report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development entitled “Towards Green Growth? Tracking Progress”.

Most countries are in the process of adopting green growth policies: 42 nations undersigned OECD’s declaration about the green growth. The problem, however, is that the global process is very uneven: several countries still can’t seem to consider environmental priorities in their economic reforms.

According to the Green Economy Coalition, in spite of the emphasis on issues such as inclusion and development goals, OECD’s report lacks serious recommendations about inclusion, poverty reduction, social progress and community projects: these aspects are gaining growing importance in the field of the green economy.

With respect to green economy, the report seems to pay the necessary attention only to the impacts on health (air quality), the development of renewable infrastructures and the importance of creating green job positions.

Fortunately, the Green Economy Coalition adds, OECD seems to acknowledge the weaknesses of its current and past analyses. Catherine Mann, the chief economist of the organisation, guaranteed OECD is trying to move towards “an agenda for inclusive growth that goes beyond health”, to address the impact on local environment. However, OECD cuttently relies just on GDP-based analyses.

In its green growth work, the Green Economy Coalition has looked up to the German Energiewende – Berlin’s transition towards an energy system based on renewable sources – as a model that can inspire a global green transition.

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