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AISEC (Italian Association for the Development of Circular Economy) is a non-profit association established in 2015 with the purpose of promoting, spreading and applying the concept of circular economy at a national and international level.
To this end, AISEC carries out several activities pertaining to the circular economy in contexts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
Its mission is to become a national point of reference able to provide all necessary tools and support to help the growth of the circular economy, and to increase the citizens' awareness to it. Driven by a constant wish to improve itself, AISEC is an attentive observer of the international scene, which is already favourable to the circular model.

The Association plans to cooperate with public bodies, private enterprises, enterprise networks, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, and all subjects willing to suggest and implement the principles of circular economy and sustainable development. Its main activities will be the following:
- publication and diffusion of research and studies;
- collaboration with local bodies and associations in order to carry out joint study projects or activities;
- organization and promotion of meetings, conferences, theme gatherings, study and training seminars;
- participation in technical and consultancy discussion tables with public and private bodies;
- promotion of collaborations with foreign countries through the creation of cooperation programs;
- interaction with local communities with focus on the protection of the territory and of local resources;
- diffusion of sustainable manufacturing and consumption models;
- study and promotion of environmental accounting models both at a local and national level;
- actions to promote the reduction of raw material consumption and to encourage reusing and recycling;
- facilitation of the dialogue between the social actors of a territory;
- training and other educational and didactic activities.


Earth Day Italia

Earth Day Italia is a “Permanent environmental communication platform”, active the whole year, with the purpose to promote a new environmental awareness, and new people and earth friendly development models. The platform also aims at encouraging the dialogue and the development of projects among the many people that work for the protection of the Planet.

The platform is the Italian host of Washington's Earth Day Network and organizes the Italian celebrations for the World's Earth Day as well as the World's Environment Day. The events are attended by many organisations and testimonials from the national and international scene known for their commitment to civic, artistic, and cultural activities for the promotion of sustainability.



The ideal place to meet Green and Circular Economy operators, strike new business deals, generate value and acquire new customers.
The largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites; efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials and the promotion of renewable raw materials.
The place where businesses can meet competitors in complementary markets and leading players in public research in Europe and the Mediterranean area to establish national and international partnerships in the implementation of a knowledge-based Green and Circular Economy.
The right place to find out exactly how to access national and European funds.

Ecomondo guides companies in pursuing the objectives determined by the Seventh General European Action Programme:
- Achieve 70% recycling of paper, plastic, metal and glass present in SUW by 2030;
- Achieve 80% total recycling of packaging between 2025 and 2030;
- Achieve 5% total landfill by 2030;
- Prohibit heat treatment of recyclable material;
- Separate landfill from the various methods of recycling inert materials.

Tel: + 39 0541 7441111

Environment Park

Environment Park, Parco Tecnologico per l’Ambiente, è nato a Torino nel 1996 su iniziativa della Città e della Regione Piemonte. Azienda a capitale pubblico, opera attraverso progetti di supporto allo sviluppo e al trasferimento dell’innovazione ambientale a servizio delle imprese e del sistema economico del territorio.

I progetti di innovazione interessano i seguenti ambiti tecnologici, strategici per l’economia regionale:
- Edilizia sostenibile
- Bioenergie e chimica verde
- Efficienza energetica ed energia da fonti rinnovabili
- Processi nanotecnologici con tecnologie al plasma
- Clean technologies nell’ambito del trattamento rifiuti, della depurazione delle acque e della mobilità sostenibile

Environment Park è inoltre coordinatore di CLEVER (Clean and Energy Innovation Cluster), uno dei Poli di Innovazione promossi dalla Regione Piemonte.



UNIRE, the National Union of Recycling Enterprises, represents waste recovery and recycling enterprises all over Italy.

The Union was constituted in 2004 by enterprises previously belonging to the Recovery Sector of the FISE Assoambiente association. The decision to constitute a separate organization originated from the need to give the Recovery Sector a stronger and better defined identity: the enterprises of this sector constitute a complex network articulated in numerous product chains covering the whole national territory.

The transversal character of the Union allows it to develop integrated projects that require the participation and collaboration of different recycling sectors.
For example, FISE UNIRE is currently conducting a project for the optimization of end-of-life vehicle recovery: this involves developing parallel markets for products deriving from tyre recycling, electric and electronic waste, and construction/demolition waste.

The final goal is to integrate different recycling chains and develop cooperation mechanisms to better tackle common problems arising from the current market situation and from a normative framework that is not always smooth and systematic.

A few points on the Union's agenda:

- Opening and liberalization of the environmental services market, which in some cases still struggles with the privileges granted to public authorities;
- Development of applications for recycled materials, and creation of new market outlets for such products (especially through public and private green procurement) through the standardization and qualitative improvement of recycling materials;
- Certification of recycling enterprises and processes, and promotion of better supervision systems to fight illegal waste trafficking and illicit activities which compete with legal activities;
- Enhancement of the responsibility for goods producers to take care of the disposal of the waste deriving from their products.

UNIRE's aim is to give voice to the needs of the recycling sector and make sure that the requests of recycling operators have sufficient weight in the choices and policies of the government and waste treatment bodies. The Union is committed to promoting the implementation of principles and EU directives such as producer responsibility (“those who pollute pay”) and the hierarchy of disposal methods, which means that recycling should have the priority over incineration and landfill dumping.

Tel: +39 06 99 69 57 9
Fax: +39 06 59 19 955

Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile

The Sustainable Development Foundation aims at the promotion of the green economy, one of the pillars of sustainable development. Its goal is to promote solutions to fight both the environmental and the economic crisis, and to create a well-being standard of a higher quality able to protect the natural capital and the eco-systemic services. Initiatives in this direction would help the environment on the one hand, and guarantee stability and sustainability in a time of economic upturn on the other hand.

The complex path towards the full adoption of a green economy was marked by two fundamental milestones in 2015: the Encyclical “Laudato sì” by Pope Francis and the Climate Agreement from the Paris COP21 conference.

The Encyclical talks to all people of good will and will hopefully contribute to a higher environmental awareness. The Paris Agreement brought as many as 187 countries, including China and the U.S., to adopt national measures to mitigate the climate crisis: all countries agreed that strong reductions of greenhouse gas emissions are necessary to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 and to try and limit the rise of the global temperature to 1.5°C. Things are slowly changing in a green direction, although a lot still remains to be done, because the pace of the change is still inadequate.

In our first eight years of life, our activity has developed and the size of our staff has increased threefold. The growth of the activities and prestige of this Foundation is a reason of pride for the many people who supported us throughout these years and constantly incite us to do better.

Tel: + 39 06 8414815

GEO - Green Economy Observatory

GEO is the Green Economy Observatory by IEFE – Bocconi University. The Observatory, a centre for study and research, aims at creating a platform to enable dialogue and cooperation between institutions and enterprises about the main discussion topics of the green economy.

GEO is the product of IEFE – Bocconi's consolidated experience in research, actions, and proposals in support of the evolution of corporate policies and strategies. In line with IEFE's past experiences, GEO's activities are developed in two separate work tables:
- the Policy Table analyses institutional approaches and possible policies to promote the development of the green economy and define the necessary instruments to support planning, assessing and decision making;
- the Management Table studies and develops corporate strategies, in particular for what concerns management and product design within the green economy.

The two Tables cooperate so as to integrate the results of their research activities. Each Table pursues its specific goals, but always in close contact with the other Table's activities and objectives.

Tel: +39 02.5836.2351 / +39 02.5836.2338

Kyoto Club

Kyoto Club is a non-profit organisation founded in February 1999. Its members are business companies, associations and local municipalities and governments engaged in reaching the greenhouse gases reduction targets set by Kyoto Protocol.
To reach its goals Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising initiatives, information and training to foster energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility.
Towards public decision-makers Kyoto Club puts forward policy proposals to make decisions in the energy field more and more environmentally friendly.

Tel: +39 06 485539 - 06 4882137
Fax: +39 06 48987009


Habitech is the Technological District of the Trentino Region appointed to energy and environment activities by the Ministry for University and Research. The organisation supports the innovation and development of manufacturing chains by creating innovative market infrastructures, carrying on diverse projects, and providing sustainable construction and energy efficiency services.

These are the key sectors in which Habitech developed its activity: by coordinating diverse skills and knowledge fields, the organisation offers an approach to sustainability that can create value, reduce costs, and integrate with the core business of various enterprises, for a market transformation based on environmentally sustainable solutions.

Since 2006, Habitech has been supporting and carrying on technological research and innovation projects. Its activity focuses in particular on proposing innovations in fields such as market, enterprise organisation, and sustainable manufacturing chains.

Further activities of Habitech include skills certification, organisation of tools for the energy efficiency market, and constructions certification systems.

eMail Comunicazione: Silvia Fedrizzi -

Progetto Manifattura

Progetto Manifattura – Green Innovation Factory is working on the ancient tobacco manufacture of Rovereto, which dates back to 1854, to transform it into an industrial innovation centre. The new Manifattura will be a hub of organisations working in the fields of sustainable constructions, renewable energy, monitoring and management technologies for natural resources and environment, and circular economy.

The 9 ha wide site fell into disuse at the end of 2008. Now it's being revived by startups, research centres, education and public administration structures: these diverse bodies are encouraged to cooperate with each other, so as to become a national and European reference point in the field of cleantech.

Progetto Manifattura reflects the environmental commitment of the Trentino region, which has been investing considerable resources in sustainable development. The project hopes to bring new life to the plant in Rovereto with a space designed to inspire innovation and creativity: it mission is to promote the principles of a sustainable growth on the environmental, social, and economic level.

Tel: + 39 0464 443307

Trentino Sviluppo

Trentino Sviluppo, the economic development authority of the Autonomous Province of Trento, works for the sustainable development of the Trento area. In particular it promotes actions and services aimed at the growth of new enterprises and innovation skills. To this end it supports the cooperation between enterprises and the development of strategic manufacturing chains and industrial clusters.

Trentino Sviluppo strives to promote the whole regional territory and to develop its main strengths, such as tourism (a key sector for the region), corporate innovation, and the development of new manufacturing chains.

Its mission:
… To promote the sustainable development of Trentino through actions and services in support of the region's entrepreneurial capacity and territorial innovation. To increase the attractiveness of the region by supporting networking activities, enterprises, innovation, social cohesion, and quality of life, work and environment, in order to create the Trentino of future...

Tel: +39 0464 443111


UNICA ( is a professional NGO founded in 1999 with the aim to promote the qualification and recognition of the Environmental Consultant as a professional figure.
Since its foundation, UNICA has been a partner of EcoCounselling Europe, the federation of European environmental consultants: this direct connection with our European colleagues has always left an important mark on our work.

Across the years we have participated in several European projects, such as Save 2000 and Leonardo, and we have directly collaborated with projects funded by DG Ambiente. We have also designed and proposed a High Level Master's program on waste management which has been funded by the Ministry for University and Research: our program has received several awards, such as “Buone Prassi” by the Ministry for Work and “Progetti di Eccellenza 2000-2006” by the Ministry for University and Research.
Across the years we have participated in numerous national events, such as the Ecomondo Fair, which we have contributed to with several stalls and conferences. Moreover we have organized important scientific divulgation events, such as the Conference on Secondary Solid Fuels of the National Research Council in Rome on February 14th 2014, in collaboration with AITEC, the Italian Technical-Economic Association of Cement.

In October 2015, UNICA has been listed in the Registry of Professional Associations of the Ministry for Economic Development. The Registry was introduced by Law 4/2013, which regulates professions not organized in orders or consortia. UNICA has been listed among the Associations allowed to release the Quality Certificate mentioned by point 7 cl of Law 4/2013.
In March 2016 UNICA has become an associated partner of CSIT (Industrial Confederation of Innovative and Technological Services). The goal of this partnership is to allow UNICA to increase its interaction with the world of enterprises, in order to promote and diffuse the role of the Environmental Consultants among them.

In addition to this, UNICA is the promoter of a standard for the certification of the ECO-consultant as a professional figure: the association developed the Technical Specification of Required Skills, as established by the norm UNI CEI EN ISO/EIC 17024. The development of the professional profile of this figure was carried out in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, an external certification, inspection and assessment authority with a consolidated international experience in this sector.
The conformity assessment company Bureau Veritas worked with UNICA to develop a certification scheme for the professional figure of the ECO-consultant. In the absence of a UNI norm, the work was based on UNICA's “Technical Specification of Required Professional Skills for ECO-consultants - SCEC”. Finally, in July 2015 the first ECO-consultants have been certified by Bureau Veritas.
UNICA has undertaken the mission to promote this professional figure in order to support its creation and diffusion. The first step in this direction was a re-elaboration of the research project “EcoStandsFor”, developed several years ago within the Leonardo program, to adapt it to the Italian reality. The professional figure of the ECO-consultant was then redefined basing on Italy's specific needs and characteristics.

An ECO-consultant certified by Bureau Veritas is an extremely interesting asset for large enterprises, entrepreneurial associations, public and private companies working in the fields of culture and archaeology, and territorial authorities, for a number of purposes:
• communicating and mediating among enterprises, public administration, and citizens
• helping to make decisions aimed at sustainable development
• contributing to adopt a global and systematic approach to environmental issues

Tel: +39 081 5447012
Fax: +39 081 0097020
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