Recycling of lead batteries: AquaMetals to revolution the sector

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The Californian company developed an innovative, efficient, sustainable technology to produce a purer kind of lead.

The recycling of lead batteries now has new horizons: this is the promise of AquaMetals, a Californian company that developed a new electrochemical technology for the recycling of lead and is now about to join the stock exchange, with an initial public offer of 6.6 million shares for 5 dollars each.

AquaMetals created AquaRefining, a modular electrochemical process that produces extra-pure lead starting from spent batteries, in an efficient and socially responsible way. Unlike the smelting process, explains the company, “AquaRefining is an almost zero-emission process”, that consumes much less energy compared to old technologies and allows great savings.

AquaMetals is based in Oakland, California, and plans to build a set of AquaRefinery facilities starting from the area of Reno, Nevada. In March 2015 the company confirmed acquiring a property of 5 hectares in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Centre, Nevada. The first plant is expected to be operational within the first four months of 2016.

“When completed – declared the company – AquaRefinery will be the world’s first large-scale lead recycling facility that does not require a traditional smelter to reprocess lead batteries.”

Stephen Clarke, AquaMetals’ Chairman and CEO, declared: “Our AquaRefinery is intended to produce lead with a much higher purity than can be achieved with conventional recycling. High purity lead is becoming scarce and is essential for the production of more advanced lead acid batteries.”

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