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Sistri, a never ending story: now a new (non decisive) decree

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There is a text draft, but hot issues will only be addressed by later decrees. In the meanwhile, the TAR Court dismisses the appeal by Selex.

Maybe this time it will work. The latest – umpteenth – chapter of the saga of Sistri (the automated waste traceability system) is about to begin. A decree draft is currently under analysis to replace the Sistri Unified Form, in the frame of a reorganization of the current norms. The draft, however, doesn’t seem to satisfy the world of enterprises, which keep requesting a change of the environmental tax. A decisive step? Probably not. The text simply delays to one or two later decrees the management of the hottest issues, such as the abandonment of electronic devices like USB sticks and black boxes.

The situation will probably remain uncertain until the announcement of the winner of the call for tenders to choose the new managing authority of the Sistri system. The only thing almost certain for now is that the call for tenders will in fact take place: the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) of Lazio dismissed the action brought by Selex SeMa, the former institution in charge of the system. The judgement was issued by the Roman headquarters of the TAR on May 11th. Selex, the former managing company which belongs to the Finmeccanica group, decided last august to appeal against the proceeding to select a new manager of the automated waste traceability system.

Selex SeMa considered it illegitimate to open a call for tenders to entrust another authority with a system designed by Selex itself. The company also claimed a credit of 290 millions from the Ministry of the Environment.

The judgement of the TAR is based on the assertion that the procedure followed to set up the call for tenders was fully regular and legitimate. Moreover, the TAR sustained that Selex SeMa’s appeal was only an attempt to shift on the call for tenders a question of interpretation of the contract existing between Selex and the Ministry.

Hostilities on this front are still open: Selex sued the Ministry for the Environment before the Civil Court for over €186 million.

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