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New rules for the automated waste traceability system apply from June 8th. Updated documents with all instructions.

New rules, new instructions. The first step was the publication of the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on March 30th no. 78, which contains the norms replacing the old Sistri Unified Decree and was officially adopted on June 8th. Following this step, the online portal recently published the updated versions of the Manual of Operations and the Procedures for Registration and Management of Company Files. These documents are in line with the new norms concerning the functioning of Sistri, the automated waste traceability system.

The Manual of Operations contains all the information concerning the functioning of Sistri: it includes a description of the tracking system and of the necessary procedures for the use of all devices for both specific and non specific contexts. In addition to that, the Manual explains general and special procedures, and the analysis of particular figures such as marine agents, end users, logistic operators, non-owner intermediaries and traders, recycling and recovery consortia, and entrepreneurial associations.

The Procedures for Registration and Management of Company Files are a support tool for the subjects who have to or choose to use the Sistri system and are interested in registering their company and managing their company files within the system. The document explains the normal and special procedures to register with Sistri, the procedures to pay the due fees, the distribution of devices and black boxes, the operational management of video-surveillance systems, communications, and interoperability.

Since the related decree has officially been approved, the information and norms presented in the two documents are to be considered fully operational.

Download the Manual of Operations and the Procedures for Registration and Management of Company Files

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