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The newspaper on news-stands? I’ll buy it secondhand

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Newsvendors launch “LeggieVendi”: an initiative based on reuse, that wants to give new life to the sector, eliminating waste.

Good morning, I would like a second hand “Corriere””. “75 cents, thank you“. The surreal dialogue may soon become quite familiar in major Italian news-stands. Blame, or merit, of “LeggieVendi”, the initiative launched by the newsvendors belonging to trade unions (Cgil, Sinagi, Snag and Usiagi Ugl). The operation will start after the three unions meet their members in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples, at the end of October.

Basically, the reader will have the possibility to give back the newspaper to the news-stand where he bought it – within the times that, obviously, depend on the product: daily (within 1 PM), weekly (two days) and monthly (one week) – and he will have back 50% on the cover price. Returned magazines will be sold at half price. The goal is to give new energy to the market (newspapers and magazines), particularly hit by the crisis, and to encourage Italians to read.

“Due to the total lack of ideas on behalf of editors and distributers, this is a concrete way for governments to help newsvendors become small business owners – explains Armando Abbiati, President of Snag. – After all, the law allows us to practice discounts. From time to time, the newsagent can choose which newspaper to include in the “LeggieVendi” operation. In this way, we think we can attract more readers. This should make advertisers and publishers happy”.

Giuseppe Marchica, Sinagi Cgil secretary, affirms that LeggieVendi “will push the public to read more and to return to the news-stands.” “Of course – he added – it will be more efficient than operations like cut-prize that only succeeded to undervalue the product.”

In this way, perhaps, tons of paper waste will be avoided for the first time, without damaging an industry already in crisis, bringing new readers more prone to invest in information, thanks to the lower price.

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