Think Green, a new network to support green enterprises

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New European network presented in Florence to support companies in the reduction of their environmental impact.

A new European enterprise network was recently presented in Florence: Think Green. The environment: good to business. The association is based in Brussels and includes Italian companies such as Gorent, Eco.energia, Eco.partecipazioni, Italscania and Quadrifoglio.

Furio Fabbri, the Florence entrepreneur who developed the idea of Think Green, calls it “a network that aims at supporting associated companies in the realization of actions and investments for the reduction of their environmental impact, to further improve their competitiveness on the market”.

The network will include a European Group of Economic Interest, a legal entity allowing the economic cooperation of enterprises based in different EU countries. The goal is to ease or improve the economic activities of members by sharing resources, actions and know-how, as well as to improve the results of such activities through cooperation in single production sectors. The structure, defined as light and flexible, is meant to allow members to carry out part of their business together, without compromising on their own economic and juridical independence.

“The current situation on a worldwide scale – explained Fabbri during the presentation of the initiative – shows how talking about “green economy” is insufficient and not very useful. Single, narrow-scope actions risk to disperse energies and good ideas. We need to start an innovation process to bring about a real cultural change where respecting the environment is considered a duty even for economic activities: we need to overcome the idea that doing business requires the exploitation of natural resources and the destruction of the environment. This is one of the main goals of the Think Green network: encouraging enterprises to increase their engagement in the reduction of their environmental impact, because they represent a fundamental and particularly influential part of the society. We also ask for more support on the political level: now more than ever it is necessary for enterprises to become sustainable and revolutionary businesses”.

All news will soon be available on Think Green’s website, currently under construction.

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