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Toy Box Club, London presents a Spotify for toys

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London launches a new service: a new toy box every month (and old toys are given back in return).

Few objects have a life cycle that is as short as that of toys. They are wished for, taken from store shelves, carelessly handled and finally thrown away or abandoned in some attic for reasons that range from age to fashion to change of interest. New experiments are being made to transform the problem of many parents into a model of cooperative consumption, an example of sharing economy. One such example is Toy Box Club, a service that was recently launched in London.

Toy Box offers a subscription service that once a month delivers at home toys for a specific age and development stage, after thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting them. At the same time, it also collects the toys delivered the previous month. The service offers a wide range of toys for all (often whimsical) tastes of children, allowing to avoid the hoarding of abandoned toys.

Toy Box is currently made for children in pre-school years, and aims to help parents stimulate their children with something that is always new, break out of their routine, develop new levels of concentration, and learn to cooperate, share and recognize the value of what they have.

“Since becoming a mum six years ago – explains Jessica Green, founder of Toy Box Club – I’ve been shocked by the ‘toy blind spot’ that exists in parents who are normally socially and environmentally aware. I have watched once minimalist and elegant homes (including my own) become awash with cheap plastic, often broken and normally discarded after a few hours of play. We have all become victims of a belief that this is how parents of small children have to live. Well now we don’t. At Toy Box Club, we provide an elegant and child-focused solution to this problem. By delivering a box of toys each month (and collecting it a month later), we allow children to sample and enjoy a huge range of toys, while their homes are spared the build-up of unwanted and damaged items.”

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