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Utility plaza at Ecomondo

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Utilitalia created a meeting point for utilities to dialogue with the world of industry, technology, materials, and environmental solutions.

Water, environment, and energy. These three words define the scope of the so-called utilities, the public service providers that constitute a fundamental, although often unseen, pillar of Italy’s circular economy. Ecomondo gave them a special place in the heart of the fair: the Utility Plaza, created by Utilitalia, will be a meeting point for the utilities to better network with the world of industry, technology, materials, and environmental solutions.

These companies, previously known as “municipal associations”, have grown from simple water providers and waste collectors to promoters of innovative engineering projects.

The project hybridisation among different sectors seems to be the most distinctive feature of this new season of public services: a few examples are the public enterprises MM Metropolitana Milanese (Milan’s subway company) and Acquedotto Pugliese, in addition to major industrial concerns such as HERA, ACEA, IREN, and other enterprises listed in the Italian stock market.

Four days of events, tens of talks, and hundreds of presenters, not to mention the sponsorship of the international associations EUREAU and International Water Association, have brought the Italian green economy to a whole new level. Its next goals will be the achievement of energy efficiency targets and the participation in initiatives such as the European Week for Waste Reduction.

For further information, visit the website of Utilitalia.

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