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The rock music takes the part of environmental respect and citizenship at Verona Sound Fest, the new free rock music festival ready to start in Verona.

Rock music from 21 to 24 July in a green location: the Ramparts next to the railway station, in Città di Nimes Street.

Studio Mastini, the promoter of the show, decided indeed to give to this event a green heart, involving people, institutions and local realities engaged in everyday projects in recycling, recovering and re-use materials and energy.

The festival is under the auspices of the Department of Events of the City of Verona and benefits the partnership of the “Verona Arte e Musica” and “Amicizia e Musica” associations, the support of Earth Day Italia, with Amia as partner, and AGSM as main partner.

Another important green partner is Recycling Point, a project born to became the main reference web portal for the green industry and circular economy, which aims to stimulate the meeting and collaboration between experts and to transfer experiences and knowledges to the highly topical issue of Circular Economy and eco-sustainability.

Also the collaboration with Earth Day Italy wants to spread the attention for environment that our earth needs more and more. To help and promote this issue, Recycling Point entrusted the layouts and the setups to Ecowood and Avanguardia, two important realities that reuse waste materials to create new designer furniture, also working with young people from difficult situations and giving them the opportunity to positively transform their life.

A green aim that Verona Sound Fest wants to support and pursue with the power rock music and entertainment!

To sensibilize young people, every night, starting from 7.00 pm, the music and the show go hand in hand with the promoting of world and environmental respect, thanks to match of live performance of famous and new emerging rock bands, local food stalls, and environmental sustainability information stands.

Free wi-fi service provide form the social WiFi “FreeLuna”.

Here the program:
Opening on Thursday 21 with Davide Lipari Trio, aka One Man 100% Bluez, introduced by Black Mama from Verona. Following “Vesta Appetizer” organized by Vespa Club 37100.
On Friday, 7 pm, appetizer with “UniVR by night”, then dance night until 2 am with the Holograms from Verona and dj set “The Sunshine Dj”.
Saturday the stage will be taken until 2 am from two local bands: opening the FryDays, following the 3Tons.
Sunday grand finale with Endless Harmony and the Magical Mystery Band.

Info and details on Facebook page “Verona Sound Fest“.


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  • Verona Sound Fest, circular economy keeps on rocking 21 July 2016 - 21st to 24th of July: concerts and environmental awareness-raising with the support of Earth Day and the partnership of Recycling Point. Keep on rockin’ for a Green World: paraphrasing Neil Young, this is the goal of Verona Sound Fest, a unique event with the participation of Recycling Point. The force of music and the revolutionary Continua..

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