Norms and regulations

Waste admissibility in landfills: the decision is up to the State only

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This was the decision of the Court of Cassation on the 23rd of July. Regions will take care of other functionally connected interests.

Only the State has the authority to decide which type of waste can be admitted in landfill sites, as the decision concerns “the preservation of ecosystem and environment”. According to Judgement no. 180 of the 23rd July 2015 by the Constitutional Court, the State has the authority to determine uniform levels of national territory preservation, while Regions and Autonomous Provinces may take care of other aspects that are functionally connected to environmental issues.

This way, national norms act as a general limit for local regulations laid out by Regions and Autonomous Provinces about other issues under their responsibility: this prevents the risk that local authorities might disregard the environmental preservation levels decided by the Government, which ideally is the highest possible level of protection.

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