Cash for trash: Eurven presents its idea at Ecomondo

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Users who bring back a piece of trash are rewarded with a small sum through a smartphone app. The initiative starts in Rimini, November 8th-11th

Recycling is convenient, especially for citizens: this is the point Eurven wants to prove. Within the frame of the Ecomondo fair, the association will launch a project to reduce the amount of the waste tax thanks to incentivized recycling, in cooperation with the 2Pay app and with Italian municipal waste associations.

The system is simple: citizens who recycle their trash in the Eurven eco-compacting machines benefit from discounts offered by local retailer associations and supermarkets. In addition to that, through the “Cash for Trash” initiative, they receive 1 cent per piece of trash on 2Pay, the smartphone app that makes it possible to simplify payment processes by reducing transaction costs.

The amount accrued is instantly credited on the user’s smartphone and can be spent in associated stores, or used to pay the waste tax, or simply sent to the user’s bank account. The project, in collaboration with Evergreen, will take off in several areas: in the province of Treviso with the municipal associations Savno and Contarina Trevigiano in 50 municipalities; in the province of Padova with Sesa; in Tuscany with 6Toscana and the municipality of Massa Carrara; in Genoa with Amiu, in Campania with SalernoPulita; and in Emilia Romagna with Hera Bologna.

Eurven’s recycling machines will allow municipal waste associations to collect waste that is already sorted and compacted: the eco-compacting machines are made to automatically recognize, sort, and compact different waste types. This way, the initial volume can be reduced by 90% and the trash is transformed into eco-cubes ready to be delivered to recycling plants.

The machines can be programmed by any device with an Internet connection: thanks to a dedicated app, the machines’ managers can remotely check several parameters, such as collection data, CO2 savings, the number of pieces collected, the number of coupons given, the filling level of the machine. In addition, the app allows the machine manager to plan the discounts to be given in return for every piece of garbage, depending on business choices.

For a sneak peak of the new project, check out the Eurven stand at the Ecomondo fair: Eurven machines will collect empty plastic bottles of any kind and brand and give a full bottle of Ferrarelle water in return.

For further information, visit the website of Eurven

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