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Hillgill Ltd

Telefono: +44 0333 3443034

Fax: +44 0333 3443034

Email: info@hillgill.com

Web: www.hillgill.com

Sede Operativa: Houghton Hall Lodge. The Green, Houghton Regis - LU5 5DY Dunstable - United Kingdom

Sede Legale: Houghton Hall Lodge. The Green, Houghton Regis - LU5 5DY Dunstable

Partita IVA e/o Codice Fiscale GB131242072

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Hillgill Ltd

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We are international traders of raw and recyclable materials. Not just office traders: special agreements with producing plants are in place, some even produce to order for us. We deliver to our customers directly from the producers, always trading in our own name. We take directly care of logistics, inspection and finance. We are the only reference point about payments, logistics, quality.

We are a distributed trading company of raw and recyclable materials (plastics, ferrous and nonferrous metals, rubbers, oils, slags). We handle projects of any size, from one sea container box loaded by our supplier to large bulk vessel logistics. We are experts of international scrap trading regulations.