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End-of-life tyres: recycling record and lowest costs ever

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Data from the latest annual report of the PFU Committee of ACI automotive club: 100% recycling rate with Europe’s lowest taxes.

Almost 22,500 tons of end-of-life tyres from car wrecking – more than twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower – have been recycled, generating over 15,000 tons of rubber granulate, 4,000 tons of ferrous metals, and 2,000 tons of textile fibres. But there is an even more impressive figure: the recycling rate has reached 100%. This means that every single tyre has been recycled. This data comes from the annual report of the End-of-life Tyre Management Committee, an organ within ACI – Automobil Club Italia.

The great news shown by this report is that recycling is convenient even from an economic point of view: in Italy, the increased efficiency of the system allowed a gradual reduction of the environmental tax, which is currently the lowest in Europe. The tax for car tyres decreased by 42%, while the contribution for trucks (categories C1 and C2) was halved. Since 2013, the tax for the first category has been reduced by over 57%, while for the second category the reduction is as high as 60%. To date, the contribution rate for all tyres installed on a vehicle is just €2.31.

These record results were made possible by an efficient vehicle demolition network, that includes 1,500 operators according to a survey by ACI. Car wreckers represent the first fundamental step of a circular economy system that leads to the new birth of raw materials. In officially registered car wrecking plants, car tyres are disassembled and then either reused or stored in the plant. After collecting a minimum quantity of 1.5 tons, wreckers may request the collection of the tyres free of charge by one of the authorized operators listed on the web portal of the Committee. This service ensures a considerable cost reduction for wreckers (the disposal of tyres used to be one of the wreckers’ duties before) and guarantees the correct disposal of the tyres. The real aim of the whole system is the respect for the environment: this is why the Committee watches over every step of the disposal chain through a series of audits.

To find out more, visit the website of the End-of-life Tyre Management Committee

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