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The association will publish the 100 most deserving stories, from industry to the tertiary sector. Deadline is the 31st January 2016.

Collecting at least 100 real experiences connected to energy efficiency with remarkable quality, innovation and results, so that they can be known, divulged, supported and replicated, offering positive examples in order to steer policies, norms and funding. This is the new year’s resolution of Kyoto Club, a non-profit organization consisting of companies, institutes, associations and local administrations which cooperate towards the achievement of the greenhouse gas emission reductions targets established by the Kyoto Protocol.

This initiative will also be presented at the “Energy Efficiency: innovation and good practices” conference which will take place in March 2016. Kyoto Club will give visibility to the most interesting experiences, taking care of their divulgation within institutions, both in Italy and in the EU, and on the market.

Those interested in participating in this initiative and giving visibility to their own excellence examples are requested to fill out the participation form to give a general presentation of the good practice they propose and send it to by the 31st of January 2016.

Kyoto Club is looking for virtuous examples of energy efficiency in all contexts: industry or tertiary sector; energy redevelopment of residential and non residential buildings; energy services and consultancy; communication, education and didactic; in the field of regulations, finance and economy; in the public administration.

The association welcomes the participation of all those who might be interested, not only the members of the Kyoto Club.

For any further information:

Laura Bruni, Coordinator of the “Energy Efficiency” Working Group – email:

Participation Form (pdf)

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