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Environment: Environmental Bill and Retrofit come into force

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New norms regulating waste, circular economy and shifting from gas-powered cars to electric cars.

The first one rewrites environmental norms, the second one – in theory – simplifies sustainable mobility. They are the Environmental Bill (“Collegato Ambientale”), which becomes effective on February 2nd, and the “Retrofit” Law Decree, which becomes effective on January 26th and disciplines the transformation of gas-powered vehicles into electric vehicles.

Recycling Point already focused on the Environmental Bill with a summary of the main novelties concerning the circular economy. The Bill covers a broad range of environment-related themes: waste management, environmental impact assessment, material reusing, management of end-of-life photovoltaic modules, and more.

The “Retrofit” Law Decree defines the procedure for the final type approval and the procedure for the installation of electric systems on vehicles of the international categories M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N1 and N1G that were originally registered with combustion engines.

The so-called retrofitting is done with the installation of a kit that includes an electric engine with power converter, a pack of batteries and an interface with a grid for recharging. The installation procedure is not very different from that of a LPG or methane system.

According to the new norms, kit producers must submit the kit for type approval and provide the vehicle repairers with installation instructions. After completing the installation, repairers must have the vehicle tested by the Vehicle Licensing Authority, which finally updates the vehicle’s registration certificate.

Read the original text of the Environmental Bill published on the government’s Official Gazette (in Italian)

Read the original text of the “Retrofit” Law Decree published on the government’s Official Gazette (in Italian)

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