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Greenpeace to Samsung: save Galaxy Note 7

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The environmental association calls upon the Korean giant to recycle the almost 2 million devices taken out of circulation.

The flames of the Galaxy Note 7 phones might not be going off so soon. We’re not talking about new accidents with exploding phones, but rather about a disposal problem: the 1.8 million phones taken out of circulation by the Korean company might end up being incinerated or dumped. This is why Greenpeace is asking Samsung to reuse and recycle the components of the recalled phones: apart from the malfunctioning batteries, the phones contain perfectly functioning parts and precious metals.

The notorious problem that caused Galaxy Note 7 phones to be recalled was that, in a few cases, the battery caught on fire. Samsung asked consumers to return the phones, specifying that they will not be repaired, refurbished, or resold.

The incriminated phones, among the largest models on the market, are estimated to contain a total of 730 thousand kg of valuable materials such as gold and cobalt, which could be reused or recycled.

Basing on this data, Greenpeace launched a public petition that was already supported by over 25 thousand signatures so far. The petition asks Samsung to reuse and recycle as many of the phone materials as possible, or at least to communicate a detailed plan for the disposal of the smartphones. “Samsung must act transparently to ensure these gadgets don’t end up in the trash – says Greenpeace – We also urge Samsung not to dump or burn the devices. […] Now is the perfect opportunity for the brand to show leadership and vision, breaking with the old ways and opening the door to rethinking how it designs, sells and reuses its electronics”.

Sign the petition by Greenpeace

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