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Italy: 1 in 4 companies has been investing in green technologies since 2008

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Italy is the European leader in industrial recycling: companies are using less raw materials, according to the report of Green Italy 2015.

Since 2008, about one in four Italian companies in the field of industry and services has been investing or is going to invest in green technologies to reduce its environmental impact, save energy and lower CO2 emissions. These are the results of the Green Italy 2015 report realized by Fondazione Symbiola and Unioncamere, with the collaboration of Conai (National Packaging Consortium).

In 2015 alone, 120 thousand companies have made “green” investments, or plan to do so by December: an increase of 36% compared to 2014. This trend concerns every field of the Italian economy, from agri-food to construction, from manufacture to chemistry, from energy to waste management. The percentage in the manufacturing sector alone is as high as 32%.

According to the report, the export rate of green companies is 18.9%, against a rate of 10.7% in companies who have done no green investments. Moreover, green companies are more innovative: 21.9% have developed new products or services, against 9.9% of non-green investors.

Also thanks to its many energy-efficient companies, Italy is one of the European leaders for what concerns the respect for the environment. The revenues being equal, Italian enterprises consume less energy and raw materials and produce less waste and emissions. According to Eurostat, Italian companies use on average 337 kg of raw materials for each million Euro of revenues, a better result than the EU average (497 kg). Within the EU, Italy is second only to the UK (293 kg), and is ahead of France (369 kg), Spain (373 kg) and even Germany (461 kg).

Italy is also the European leader in the field of industrial recycling. Of the 163 million tons of recyclable waste salvaged in the European Union, Italy salvaged 25 million tons: that’s the highest value among all European countries (Germany salvaged 23).

This allowed Italy to save primary energy for over 15 million equivalent tons of oil and save about 55 million tons of CO2 emissions. Moreover, for what concerns the salvaging and recycling of packaging waste, Italy is second only to Germany, achieving better results than Spain, France and the UK.

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