Mainichi, the newspaper that can be planted and blossom

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The Japanese newspaper, on special occasions, prints a 100% green newspaper with seeds inside.

Good news for those who love paper newspapers and, at the same time, want to respect the environment. The solution comes from Japan and responds to the name of Mainichi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper that, after being read, can be planted, watered and generate shoots.

Mainichi Shimbun seems to be 100% green. The pages of this newspaper are made from recycled raw materials: the waste is dissolved in water and processed into pulp, which then is used to create the paper. The real innovation consists in placing seeds in the paper pulp, which is then pressed and compacted. Even the ink is produced using completely vegetable substances.

So after reading the newspaper, you can head towards the garden, plant it, take care of it, water it, and see the birth of a new plant. 

At the moment, this is just an experiment. The original Mainichi Shimbun sells about 5 million copies (of traditional paper) per day. The publisher decided to add the blossoming version as well, which is published on special occasions and is distributed for free in limited copies.

So this is not actually a green revolution for a glorious newspaper, as the first news that circulated on the web put it, but rather an ingenious communication campaign designed by the Dentsu Tokyo advertising firm for special occasions, such as eco-friendly festivals. In any case, this project represents a major move to raise public awareness on sustainability in the publishing industry. And who knows, maybe one day news stands will become one with flower shops.

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