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Meet Repair, the first lobby for the reusing of technology products

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The U.S. association fights against laws that restrict reconditioning and manufacturers that design non-repairable devices.

After years of battles for the rights of those who recondition, recycle and repair electronic devices, a new association is born: the first association representing the interests of a growing industrial sector that could become a pillar of future circular economy. The name is, a group born from the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, which has pushed (and still pushes) for a legislation on the right to repair in the U.S. States of Minnesota and New York.

This project was born to counter the proliferation of onerous copyright laws, devices that are designed to not be repaired, reused or recycled, and commercial practices with deleterious effects on repairers and consumers.

“It’s long overdue – explains Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of the group – We have all these little businesses trying to repair stuff and running into what they thought were different problems in different industries. We realized it was all just the same problem.”

Among the members of the Organization there are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, iFixit, the International Association of Medical Equipment Remarketers and Servicers, the Service Industry Association and many others.

In a statement to E-Scrap News, iFixit CEO and Repair Association boardmember Kyle Weins said: “ represents everyone involved in the repair and reuse of technology, from independent repair technicians and hobbyists, to environmental organizations and the aftermarket. We are fighting to protect people’s livelihoods. We are fighting to protect consumer choice. We are fighting to restore your right to repair and reuse products. Right now, our industries face a number of unprecedented challenges: overly-restrictive copyright laws that impede reuse, devices that are impossible to repair, products that are incredibly difficult to recycle, and manufacturer policies that are strangling the aftermarket. The Repair Association stands for a free, independent market for repair and reuse. Because a competitive marketplace for reuse is better for the environment, better for the economy, and better for consumers. We’re inviting everyone to help us meet these challenges head on. We’re working on a number of policy initiatives concerning reuse – both at the state and the federal level.”

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