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Online waste traceability system, the application of sanctions is postponed to 2017

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The decision comes with the “Thousand-Postponements” decree of December 2015. No sanctions will be issued in 2016 in case of non adoption of the system.

The applicability of sanctions for failure to use the online waste traceability system (Sistri) is postponed to the 1st of January 2017. This decision is not completely unexpected: it was not announced with the Stability Law, approved by the Parliament on December 22nd, but with the so called “Thousand-Postponements” decree that is usually issued at the end of the year and was approved one day after by the Council of Ministers. The Government basically delayed by one year the obligation to adapt to the system, which means that in 2016 no sanctions will be issued in case of failure to employ the online traceability system. However, the sanctions for failure to register and failure to pay the yearly fee are still valid.

2016 will then run on a “double track”: it will be obligatory to use the traditional loading/unloading registries and forms, and at the same time, it will be possible to use the Sistri website for the traceability of waste.

The official text (translated):

Art. 8 (Deadline extension for the matters of concern of the Ministry for the environment and for the land and sea preservation)

1. Art. 11 of the law-decree 31st August 2013 no. 101, converted with modifications from the law 30th October 2013 no. 125, was modified as follows:

a) at paragraph 3 point 2, the words “By the 31st of December 2015” have been replaced with “By the 31st of December 2016”;

b) at paragraph 9 point 2, the words “set for the 31st of December 2015” and the words “until the 31st of December 2015” have been replaced with ““set for the 31st of December 2016” and “until the 31st of December 2016”.

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