Paris agreement, yes from 175 nations

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Go ahead for the ratification process. Italy signs too. In the meanwhile, Kyoto Club launches an appeal to Italian Prime Minister Renzi.

The ceremony was more crowded than expected. 175 countries gathered in the great hall of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York to sign the Paris agreement, the climate treaty drafted on the 12th of December 2015 at the end of the twenty-first conference on climate change, better known as COP21. By signing the document, the participating countries started the ratification process which will end with the announcement of the measures each country intends to adopt to implement the agreement. The common goal is to keep the rising of temperatures well below 2°C compared to the pre-industrial era, if possible not more than 1.5 °C. One of the commitments deriving from the agreement is the creation of an annual $100 billion fund for the transfer of clean technologies to countries that need help with the transition towards the green economy.

The long list of participating nations also includes Italy, represented by its Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who declared: “Today is a great day, because we are leaving a message of unity for future generations. We sure have to discuss single questions: renewable energies, transports, energy efficiency. But I think the real challenge is to close our eyes and imagine here our children and grandchildren. For the first time, this prestigious hall is a place of vision, and not division.”

The head of Kyoto Club, Sergio Andreis, while congratulating Renzi on his decision to personally take part in the meeting in New York, launches an appeal for the introduction of two measures:

  • The appointment of a new Minister for the Economic Development, so as to end former Minister Guidi’s incomprehensible opposition to renewable energies and energy efficiency. As pointed out by the Prime Minister himself, while commenting on the results of the 17th April referendum, Italy is a worldwide leader in both fields: one more reason to support the further development of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Italy, considering that this sector gives work to hundreds of thousands of people while offering a major contribution to fight the negative effects of climate change.
  • The activation of Italian investments from the Green Climate Fund. According to the Prime Minister’s estimates presented at COP21, such investments amount to $4 billions for the next 5 years: Italy is late in comparison to France, Germany, and UK, and this delay is an obstacle to the implementation of the Paris agreement, while also hindering the work of Italy’s most excellent sustainability operators.

For more information, read the comment by Gianni Silvestrini, KyotoClub’s scientific director

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