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Recycling of packaging materials to be discussed in Rome on October 18th

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FISE UNIRE and GMR promote a conference to study how to improve the system and overcome its critical points.

What’s the best way to manage the recycling of packaging materials? This is the leading question of the conference “Reflections upon the marketing and disposal of packaging materials” (“Riflessioni sul mercato e sul sistema degli imballaggi”) which will take place in Rome at the Auditorium of Via Rieti (Via Rieti 13, h 9:30). The conference is sponsored by FISE UNIRE – Union of Recycling Enterprises – and GMR – Group for Recyclable Materials.

Twenty years have gone since the birth of the CONAI system, the Italian consortium that deals with the collection and recycling of packaging waste. According to conference organizers, the time has come to take stock of the situation and propose solutions for the existing flaws in the system. Several issues were identified by the authorities and public administrations in charge of checking the functioning of the consortium.

The operators of package waste disposal, and in particular the recycling and recovery platforms, make up a network that provides the services guaranteed by CONAI and other consortia to citizens and municipalities. This is the structure currently adopted to comply with the applicable laws. The application of the extended producer responsibility principle allowed this network to grow and develop, achieving remarkable results.

The goal of the upcoming conference is to compare several approaches, also from a European point of view, in order to provide policymakers with better understanding of the current situation and identify shared solutions to reform the system and make it more efficient.

The event will be closed by a talk of Senator Stefano Vaccari – XIII Senate Commission.


9:30 – Talks:

Anselmo Calò – President of FISE UNIRE
Alessandro Della Valle – President of GMR, “Recycling and recovery operators in the national packaging waste management system”
Edo Ronchi – President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development, “The EPR system in the Italian experience and in European perspective”
Claudia Desogus – Warrantor for Market Competition, “Competitiveness in the packaging waste recycling market: what’s the scene?”
Ully Ix – President of FERVER, “European practices: comparing models”.

11.30 – Talks:

Filippo Bernocchi – ANCI
Roberto De Santis – CONAI (still to be confirmed)
Piero Capodieci – COMIECO
Franco Grisan – COREVE (still to be confirmed)
Massimo Medugno – ASSOCARTA
Giorgio De Giovanni – ASSOVETRO
Roberto Sancinelli – FISE ASSOAMBIENTE
Marco Ravagnani – ASSOSELE
Walter Regis – ASSORIMAP
Giuliano Tarallo – UNIRIMA
Pierluigi Galli – GMR

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